Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Oracle Extends Its Lead in the DW Platform Tools Market

More excellent news for the database team, following hot on the heels of the extremely positive coverage of the 11g database, a new analyst report from IDC has identified Oracle as the leader, by a very big margin, in data warehouse platform tools market. The full story is on the Oracle.com website and can be found here.

This market segment comprises both DW generation and DW management tools. According to IDC, Oracle has over 40% of the market which translated into $1.8 billion in revenue for 2006. So which products were included as part of the platform in this survey? The same group of products that featured heavily in the 11g press releases via comments from Andy Mendelsohn and Charles Rozwat:
  • Warehouse Builder
  • Partitioning
  • OLAP
  • Data Mining
all of these products are key to growing Oracle's dominance of the data warehouse market, and from the information released as part of the 11g presentations (see previous posting) these products are adding significant new features that are going to make building and managing an Oracle data warehouse even easier.

Interestingly, IDC sees Oracle as being in an excellent position to exploit new areas such as spatial analytics. In fact, Warehouse Builder 10gR2 can already "spatially enable" an existing schema so there is nothing stopping customers from using spatial features today. The front page of OTN has a link to an article on integrating spatial with Google map:


The only problem now is : where to send everyone to get more information? Personally, I always use the Yahoo websites for this type of information so here is the link :


Alternatively try typing "Oracle Named Worldwide Market Share Leader in Data Warehouse Platform Tools" into Google and you should get over 150,00 hits.