Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oracle BI makes life easier....

In many cases people often question the return on investment or the impact of using business intelligence products in real life situations. Well here is a great example of Oracle's software making life much easier for thousands of travellers, me included, passing through Manchester Airport.

As an Oracle consultant I am a frequent visitor at Manchester Airport. Over the last year travelling has not been easy due to the "one bag" rule. Although I have become quiet skilled at packing a single suitcase with clothes, laptop computer and external hard drives just so I do not have to check in my luggage. Well not any more. Manchester Airport is one of the first UK airports to return to the normal "two pieces of hand luggage" rule and its all thanks to the forecasting capabilities provided by Oracle business intelligence product suite. Our products have allowed senior management at the airport to cope with the extra pressure of screening additional bags by helping identify future trends and to plan accordingly.

The full story is on the ComputerWeekly site and can be viewed directly from here: