Monday, September 17, 2007

BI Publisher Discoverer Integration - 5 - How to setup Discoverer

In a post long, long ago (last month actually - BI Publisher Discoverer Integration - 4 - getting the software) I described where and how you could get the Discoverer patch that had the web services for enabling the integration with BI Publisher. What I left out was that there are a few steps you need to do perform after you install the one-off patch. You should contact your Discoverer support analyst to get hold of that document. It's quite simple actually, but the reason I am not reproducing that doc here is that I am not sure whether I can share it externally. Really - that simple. The steps in that document are:
- Create a container for the machine.
- Add a library path for the patch for the discWS.jar file
- Provide access in the jazn-data.xml for the Discoverer web services code to perform a lookup from GUID to SSOUsername
- and a few others.

If I find out I can distribute the document I shall do that. In the meantime there is always the trusty Oracle support analyst to ping.