Friday, August 24, 2007

New Book : The Oracle 10gR2 Performance Tuning Tips and Techniques

At the moment I am working on a project to design a utility to help monitor performance during the execution of OLAP data loading and aggregation routines. Interestingly I received an email from Richard Niemiec at TUSC yesterday on a similar subject. As everyone knows Richard is one of the few Oracle Certified Masters and he has just published a new book on 10g performance tuning.

Amazon has just made the book available and reviews have already been posted on their site. You can checkout the book and reviews at:

The book explains how to monitor, analyze, and optimize Oracle Database 10g using the tested methods and insider advice contained in this definitive volume. The book is packed with detailed case studies, best practices, and code samples illustrating Oracle's new tuning features. Find out how to select optimal indexing options, effectively manage drives and disk arrays, troubleshoot queries, and reliably predict future performance. You'll also get detailed coverage of PL/SQL performance enhancements, initialization file tweaks, and the latest database surveying and reporting utilities.

I am going online tonight to order a copy as I know this will help with my OLAP tuning project. More on that in another post, hopefully coming soon.