Friday, November 11, 2005

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Posts at a glance (in reverse chronological order)
A list of all the posts on this blog. I will update this list periodically. And also place a link to this post from the nav bar, for convenience.
Last updated: Oct 17 2006, 5:15 PM IST
  1. IDC Ranks Oracle No 1 in Business Analytics
  2. View this blog in multiple languages
  3. Spreadsheet Add-in - Refreshing multiple queries
  4. Why Is the blog getting so many hits
  5. Some blog stats
  6. Spreadsheet Add-In - non modal wizard
  7. Oracle Discoverer at OpenWorld
  8. Mere Paas BI Hai
  9. Welcoming Mike Durran as the new BI blogger
  10. X-Treme at Oracle OpenWorld
  11. Rename queries in Spreadsheet Add-In
  12. Discoverer 4i desupport for EBS 11i
  13. Office - Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more
  14. Know any product managers?
  15. Gartner on Oracle and Sigma Dynamics deal
  16. From Michael's blog
  17. More on OpenWorld and BI
  18. Oracle Open World and BI
  19. BI/DW Training at OpenWorld 2006
  20. OracleBI Spreadsheet Add-in advantages
  21. And a new BI blogger
  22. Row Banding in Oracle Answers
  23. Free OWB and DM Review seminar
  24. Winter Corp's Spotlight on Oracle White Paper
  25. Upcoming BI releases
  26. ODTUG Conference Day 2
  27. Live from ODTUG...Monday
  28. Two blog posts on ODTUG 2006
  29. Small but neat feature in 'Answers'
  30. New Graph styles in the upcoming Discoverer release
  31. OWB OBEs now available
  32. The Discoverer Handbook 10g on Amazon
  33. Oracle leads in DBMS marketshare - IDC and Gartner studies
  34. Firefix the memory hog
  35. Oracle Warehouse Builder 10gR2 (Paris) available for download
  36. Great Data Mining blog post on DM SQL
  37. Incremental fetch for graphs - totals only graphs
  38. Incremental Fetch in Graphs
  39. Discoverer presentations at ODTUG 2006 Kaleidoscope
  40. ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2006
  41. Market Share Analysis not rocket science
  42. Research Notes on Oracle BI
  43. In the US next week
  44. Day and a half versus an hour and ten minutes
  45. Great Analysis Article on Oracle BI From Bloor Research
  46. Graph displayed data in Viewer
  47. Oracle Data Miner Tutorial Available
  48. Another Oracle Blog - on Apps Technology
  49. Download a sample chapter from the Discoverer 10g Handbook
  50. Poll results
  51. Final call to vote for your must-have Discoverer features
  52. ProClarity No More
  53. Take the poll for must-have Discoverer features
  54. Congratulations to Michael for his ACE Nomination
  55. Must Have In Discoverer
  56. Michael's Discoverer Blog is up and running now
  57. Oracle and Office Interoperability Center on OTN
  58. Oracle BI Suite Standard Edition
  59. Oracle's BI Strategy Briefing
  60. The Discoverer 10g Handbook from Michael Armstrong-Smith
  61. How To Customize The Export Formats List in Viewer
  62. Add A Quick Export Link to the Worksheet Page
  63. The Discoverer Blog from Michael Armstrong-Smith
  64. Oracle Development Survey on Data Warehouses: How Does Yours Compare? Here's how to find out!
  65. More Oracle Executive Blogs
  66. Day 2 of RMOUG Conference
  67. Rocky Mountain User Group Meeting,
  68. The Oracle Data Mining Blog
  69. Flash based introduction of Oracle Data Warehousing now available
  70. Blogs dot Oracle dot com - Finally here
  71. More on Oracle BI and Siebel Analytics
  72. Using Excel as a data source for building dimensions and cubes
  73. Blogs on coming soon?
  74. App Server 10.1.3 is now available
  75. How Do You Debug OLAP DML from BI Beans Part 2
  76. Press clippings in the media for Open World Mumbai
  77. All Open World Mumbai 2006 Links
  78. Siebel Analytics and the Oracle acquisition
  79. Other Open World Mumbai 2006 Vignettes
  80. Open World Mumbai 2006 - City photos 1
  81. Open World Mumbai - 4
  82. Webcast URL for Open World Mumbai 2006
  83. A couple of new docs available on OTN
  84. Open World Mumbi 2004 - Vignettes
  85. OOW Mumbai - 2
  86. OOW in Mumbai
  87. How Do You Debug OLAP DML from BI Beans?
  88. Standalone Discoverer 10g ( clients now fully SSO compliant for E-Business Suite users
  89. UIX Hack 4 - Removing the worksheet breadcrumb
  90. From detail to summary in two clicks
  91. PDF Settings in Viewer
  92. Multiple Conditional Formats on the same item
  93. Discoverer Is Not Supported On XE
  94. Using BI Beans with non-OLAP data source
  95. Expiration of scheduled workbooks
  96. Oracle XE Database and Discoverer - 3 - Opening and Creating Workbooks
  97. List of all posts
  98. Oracle XE Database and Discoverer - 2 - Creating the EUL
  99. Beyond the BI Graph Wizard
  100. Going Beyond the BI Graph Wizard
  101. Oracle XE Database and Discoverer - 1 - Installing XE
  102. Intelligently building OLAP cubes with data mining
  103. Top Ten Design Mistakes for Weblogs
  104. Article: Oracle to pitch open-source database against Microsoft and Sybase
  105. More with the Spreadsheet Add-In -
  106. Using the Spreadsheet Add-In -
  107. Oracle's executive blogs
  108. Installing the Spreadsheet Add-In -
  109. New versions of AWM and Spreadsheet Add-In available
  110. Oracle Data Miner 10gR2 beta now available, with a Discoverer bridge
  111. Out of town, with a busy two weeks coming up...
  112. Queries you can easily understand.....
  113. Open World 2005 Attendance Graphs - with Discoverer
  114. More on the bubble graph
  115. Making more of BI Graphs....
  116. Creative Use of the IQY Export Format
  117. Loose lips sink ships
  118. Performance improvements and SQL optimizations
  119. Larry Ellison on BI
  120. On Vendor Weirdness
  121. UIX Hack 3 - Removing the 'type' column from a portlet
  122. How read is a blog before you can call it a well-read blog
  123. Activity Guide to OOW BI&DW Sessions
  124. Displaying only selected page items or parameters in the title
  125. And Then There Was One Less (Oracle buying Siebel)
  126. Record OpenWorld registrations
  127. UIX Hack 2 – Remove the Last Refresh Date from Discoverer Portlets
  128. Phase 2 Nugget - The navigator preferences
  129. Know More About Oracle BI
  130. BI at Oracle OpenWorld this year
  131. Oracle's BI strategy presentation
  132. Some Discoverer OLAP - D4O - queries answered
  133. UIX Hack 1 - Removing the 'Connect Directly' section
  134. BI Tools, Forms & Reports Services, and more now available for Phase 2
  135. Phase 2 available on Windows also
  136. Change PDF options when emailing reports
  137. Phase 2 Nugget - Change paper size in Plus
  138. - Phase 2 is now available on OTN
  139. Phase 2 Doc is now available
  140. Passing a password to Viewer
  141. OLAP 10g R2 web seminar
  142. A first look at installing Discoverer using the Oracle Application Server - (Phase 2)
  143. More on OTN Forums
  144. BI Forums on OTN
  145. Why You Should NOT Publish Large Worksheets to Portal
  146. Updating Multiple Discoverer Portlets Using Portal Page Parameters
  147. Welcome