Monday, October 17, 2005

Oracle Data Miner 10gR2 beta now available, with a Discoverer bridge

This came in on Friday - a beta of Oracle Data Miner (1og R2) is now available for download. It requires Oracle Data Mining 10.2.
This also has a Discoverer bridge, so you can now directly push results to Discoverer.
Oracle Data Miner Release 2 introduces the popular Decision Tree algorithm for classification problems that can provide human readable “IF…, THEN… rules” that communicate the relationships discovered by ODM. The new Anomaly Detection algorithm flags rare events and supports fraud and compliance monitoring. Oracle Data Miner improves support for assembling the data including unstructured “text” data for mining. Oracle Data Miner also supports PREDICT and EXPLAIN “one-click data mining” predictive analytics. Release 10gR2 adds Receiver Operating Characteristics support for model evaluation and tuning. Oracle Data Miner can automatically generate the Java and SQL components needed to transform the data mining steps into an integrated data mining/BI enterprise application. Lastly, a new Gateway to Oracle Discoverer enables data analysts to publish their results for viewing through Oracle Discoverer.

With Oracle Data Miner and Oracle Data Mining, the data never leaves the database: all data movement is eliminated. In addition, Oracle Data Miner and Oracle Data Mining provide the security of the Oracle database.
You can download the software from here - Oracle Data Miner (37MB). The release notes and installations instructions are available here.

This is how you would use the Discoverer bridge (this is reproduced verbatim from the installation instructions page):

Publish to OracleBI Discoverer Gateway
Tools | Publish to Discoverer Gateway uses OracleBI Discoverer Gateway to publish data mining result in OracleBI Discoverer. You can publish the following results:
  • Attribute Importance
  • Association Rules
  • Apply Results
  • Decision Tree Rules
  • Clustering Rules
  • Classification Test Metrics
You can also compare classification test metrics.

Follow these steps to publish data mining results to OracleBI Discoverer:
  • Install required BI and OracleBI Discoverer components.
  • Create a new EUL using OracleBI Discoverer.
  • Register the Oracle Data Miner Gateway with the EUL.
  • Use Oracle Data Miner to publish results to OracleBI Discoverer.
  • Add Oracle Data Miner gateway objects as folders in a business area using OracleBI Discoverer Administration.
Publish to OracleBI Discoverer Requirements
If you just want to publish data mining results to the Oracle Data Miner Discoverer Gateway, no software is required in addition to Oracle Data Miner. If you intend to use published mining results in OracleBI Discoverer, the following software is required; in each case click the link to download the software:
  • Oracle BI or higher
  • Oracle Developer Suite or Higher: OracleBI Discoverer Administrator is required; other components of the suite are optional.
  • Patch 7595805 for OracleBI Discoverer Administrator, available from Patch Request 7595805; if this patch is not installed, the gateway will not work.
After you install the software, register the Oracle Data Miner Discoverer Gateway in the EUL to be able to access the published data mining results from a Discoverer Administrator:

1. If an EUL does not exist, create a new EUL.
Click these links for information about creating an a EUL in two different cases:
* Create an EUL for an existing database user
* Create an EUL in a new database user
2. Register the Oracle Data Miner Discoverer Gateway with the EUL:

Execute the following SQL script in the EUL user to register the Oracle Data Miner Discoverer Gateway with the EUL:

-- registration script
insert into EUL5_GATEWAYS(
gw_id, -- Gateway ID
gw_type, -- Type of Gateway
gw_gateway_name, -- Name of Gateway
gw_product_name, -- Name of the product
gw_description, -- Description of the gateway
egw_version, -- version of the gateway
egw_database_link, -- For remote DB provide dblink
egw_schema, -- Gateway owner
egw_sql_paradigm, -- SQL paradigm
gw_element_state, -- element state
gw_created_by, -- who created this gateway
gw_created_date, -- when it was created
gw_updated_by, -- who updated this gateway
gw_updated_date, -- when it was updated
'ODMr 10.2 Discoverer Gateway',
'Oracle Data Mining',
'This gateway provides data mining results accessible to OracleBI',
NULL, -- dblink if dmuser is in remote
'DMUSER', -- Change to the schema as needed


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