Thursday, October 27, 2005

Article: Oracle to pitch open-source database against Microsoft and Sybase

There is an article that speculates on what Oracle might do with its acquisition of Innobase. It has comments from a Donald Feinberg, Gartner distinguished analyst and vice president (and also was an Oracle director for three years), who speculates that Oracle may use Innobase as an entry level offering to compete with similar offerings from Microsoft and Sybase. "This would give Oracle an entry-level relational database management system [DBMS] that would compete in this space with the further advantage of not exposing Oracle's DBMS source code to the open source community," Feinberg wrote in a recently published analysis.

And, on another note, Oracle now has a consolidated page where you can read about its recent acquisitions, all on one page -
In case you had lost count, the companies listed are PeopleSoft, Retek, TimesTen, ContextMedia, Siebel, Innobase, Oblix, TripleHop, ProfitLogic, i-flex, and G-Log.

I am off on vacation next week. It's holiday season in India; three days of holidays in Banglore, and then a couple of week after that are the Thanksgiving weekend in the US. And then there's Christmas and New Year - I like this part of the year :)

Update: corrected a typo in the blog title.