Thursday, October 20, 2005

New versions of AWM and Spreadsheet Add-In available

This has been announced on the OLAP and Spreadsheet Add-In forums on OTN:

  • Analytic Workspace Manager is now available. You can find it on MetaLink as PS# 4656244 or OTN at
  • What is AWM It is a patched, stand-alone client that supercedes the version found on the Oracle Database Client CD for 10gR2.
  • What's the background on AWM It was initially created to fix issues while connecting to Oracle OLAP but over time picked up some other fixes.
  • Which Oracle OLAP versions does AWM work with? It works with Oracle OLAP and above on the Oracle Database 10gR1 code stream and Oracle Database
  • Does AWM require a corresponding Oracle OLAP 'A' patch to the database? No
  • Is there scheduled an AWM or any other future 10gR1 version? No, AWM users can move to AWM
  • You can download the file here. The readme is available here.
Spreadsheet Add-In
A new version ( of the OracleBI Spreadsheet Add-in is available for download from the product page:

It contains mainly bugfixes and performance enhancements. Please read the release notes for more information.

The readme is available here.