Friday, February 09, 2007

Best Practices Guide for Discoverer Plus for OLAP

The Discoverer Product Management team have compiled an excellent new document covering best practices for Discoverer Plus for OLAP. This will help users create workbooks and worksheets that are easy to maintain and correctly tuned to ensure good performance.

So what is in the document? There is a lot of information and I would recommend reading it very carefully. The main highlights are:
  • Design and organisation of workbooks and worksheets
  • Configuring Discoverer OLAP
  • Managing the Discoverer catalog
  • Setting up the analytic workspace
  • Tuning tips
As with all best practice documents this will be an going piece of work. If you have any additional hints and tips then please send them to us for inclusion in future versions of this document.

For now you can download the document from OTN via this link: