Sunday, February 11, 2007

BI Enterprise Edition - Admin Tool

The Admin Tool will be familiar to those who had used it under its earlier avtaar under Siebel Business Analytics. As far as look and feel goes, this is perhaps the one product that has changed the least. Mind you, there are lots and lots of great new features in this tool - "Data Mart Automation" being probably the single biggest one (or "Aggregate Persistence" as it is more commonly known as).

For me this is possibly the single biggest change in the default post-install experience of the Admin Tool - the demo repository that is contained in the installation is entirely self-contained and self-sufficient.
Since Oracle BI is capable of accessing relational, multi-dimensional, Excel, XML, and other data sources, the "Paint" repository has been retained, but in XML format. This means that you do not need **any** database to start using the Admin Tool, Answers, Interactive Dashboards, and other components. Very nice :)

You do not need to rewrite any of your UI screens, or change any configuration parameters, or anything - only one change is required: that of configuring the connection to point it to an XML data source.

The XML source files are located under the [Oracle BI folder]\Server\Sample\paint folder.

You can open the "Fact.xml" file to see its contents. In a relational database each 'Fact' rowset would be one row in 'Fact' table.