Thursday, September 15, 2005

How read is a blog before you can call it a well-read blog

This is more of a rhetorical question, but one that I am interested in the answer to. Given a blog like this, how much traffic should it attract for it to be considered worthwhile to continue? Traffic can mean many different things - number of page hits, number of unique visitors, different cities / countries visitors come from, etc...
The reason I ask is not because I have any plans of 'abandoning' this blog even if it were not very popular (which it isn't), but more to take stock of how much time and effort I need to put into this blog. Now, I have been using to track traffic to this blog, and the results are quite ok, I think. But I do want to get some opinions on what people think. So, if you care to let me know - via comments - what you think, I would be much obliged.
I will publish some numbers that I have been collecting via StatCounter towards the end of September.
In the meantime do take a minute to answer this quick poll (this also gives me the chance to test out a new free poll service I am trying out -

How many hits per week should this blog get?
Less than 100
Between 100 and 200
Between 200 and 500
Between 500 and 1000
More than 1000
(You can vote once a day till the poll is closed)