Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BI Mobile App Update

An update to the Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile HD app went live on the Apple iTunes App Store. This is the version of the app, and if you already have the Oracle BI Mobile HD app installed on your iPad device, you would have been notified via the App Store app (kind of redundant isn't it - calling it the "app" store "app"?) of the available upgrade.

As far as updates go, this version basically brings in bug and stability fixes, along with two minor enhancements. First, you can now change between landscape and portrait orientation when viewing content, and second, you can now send content as PDF attachments via email.

A new option on the "Settings" screen - "Display" - has been added to let users control how attachments should be displayed when sending them via email - "as Links", "as Attachments", or "as Inline". The "as Links" option basically means no attachment is included with the email, and only links to the content are included in the body of the email. The "as Attachments" option, when selected, adds a sub-option to the "Settings" screen, named "Format", which lets you select whether format of the attachments should be "PDF" or "HTML". The third option - "as Inline" - embeds the content inside the body of the email as rich HTML.

That's all folks.
Bangalore, Mar 26, 2013