Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Updated BI Mobile App Available (

An update to the Oracle BI Mobile App became available a few days ago (iTunes link). You would have spotted this update on your Apple iPad devices, by the badge on the App Store icon, and this would also have appeared as in the list of updates available for your iPad device.

So what's new and what's different in this release?
Well, first of all, before you get into that topic, a note on how to identify this update.
When we released the Oracle BI Mobile App for the BI EE release, it had a version number of

This new app has is versioned
The second way to identify this as an update is by the date. On the Oracle BI Mobile app's page on iTunes, you will see a date of Aug 11, 2012. That is less than a week old.
Updated Oracle BI Mobile app, version, in App Store App

So what's new in this app?

Basically there are a few bug fixes. These bugs were identified late in the release cycle, and in one case, I think, after the app had been on the App Store. The decision was to put out an update to the app a few weeks hence.
Some of the issues fixed are:

  • Slider prompt values are correctly being displayed and changed as values are updated.
  • Highly dense trellis charts no longer intermittently display network time out errors. If an actual network timeout occurs, end users will be provided with the opportunity to reload the data.
  • Presentation Variables with default values are now being correctly displayed
  • Sliders with ordinal numbers will appropriately populate the to and from fields.

The update process is quite straightforward. Once you tap to install the updated app, it downloads and installs in about a minute or less.

After the installation has completed, you can start the app and either log in to any of the connections you have - all connection information is preserved, or go offline and check the "Version" information to verify that you are indeed, running the latest and greatest (and updated) version of the Oracle BI Mobile App.

In closing, here are a few useful links:

Updated: to add a link to the tweet announcing the updated app, and this post. Very recursive, all this.