Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Oracle BI Mobile Demo Server

Yes. There is a live demo server now available for the Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile app. Specifically, this demo server supports the latest Oracle BI Mobile app, that went live some time back. That's good news, right?

How do you access it? The process couldn't be simpler. You need to do two things.
Access this page first.

You need to have an account on first. If you do not, you can register. It takes a minute, less I suppose if you're really fast at typing or are using one of those automatic profile plug-ins that store and regurgitate basic information like your name, address, contact details, etc... Anyway, I digress. If you have registered and have your account information handy, and I mean a login and password by that, please do go ahead and login. After you have logged in, you will be presented with this page, very simple, and all it does is ask for three pieces of information, and one item is optional, and one of the mandatory options is a radio button choice, so it's not asking for much, is it? Quite reasonable, and doable without fuss I would imagine.

After you have provided this information, the next page is even simpler. It provides you with a link to the Apple iTunes App Store to download the Oracle BI Mobile app from. This is the link, in case you are wondering. The second is a link to a PDF that contains the configuration instructions.

Once you have the configuration entered in the BI Mobile app, you are all set.

Happy analyzing.

Links to download the Oracle BI Mobile App and Configuration Instructions

Customizable Wallpaper in the Oracle BI Mobile App

Thank you.
30 Aug, 2012