Monday, January 08, 2007

Oracle Data Mining - not only good but affordable too!

Check this new research from Bloor on Oracle Data Mining (link to ODM page on OTN - that would be Oracle Data Mining and Oracle Technology Network). The report is titled "Oracle data mining: not only good but affordable too!". That's got to feel good!

Some quotes from the note:
With the acquisition of Seibel and their BI suite Oracle created a formidable BI offering, and now that I realise what a hidden gem their data mining suite is, it really is a very hard act for others to compete with.
Oracle data mining option is one of the great bargains available today because it is affordable and when you look at what you are getting it is a real Rolls Royce of capability and features.
So Oracle are leaving the database in situ and mining it there, which saves a lot of effort and will greatly increase productivity.
The report is available here (PDF).