Thursday, May 04, 2006

Great Analysis Article on Oracle BI From Bloor Research

There is a very positive article on Oracle's BI product strategy announcement (link to video on titled "Oracle set to become probably the most important player in the BI market" (link to article), written by David Norris (link to profile page), Associate Analyst with Bloor Research.

Some snippets from the article:
"...after the acquisition of Siebel, Oracle have started to merge their product lines, and the resultant solution set is very exciting."

"With the acquisition of Siebel Oracle find themselves as the owners of one of the most exciting BI solutions available at present."

"...Oracle is taking BI very seriously, and this new found enthusiasm is being backed by significant investment and the creation of a very complete vision to enable them to compete very aggressively in all segments of the market."

What's there to not like in this article?

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