Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Phase 2 Doc is now available

Phase 2 documentation is now available on OTN. The software has not yet been externalized on OTN, but should become available by the end of the week (or sooner).

You can view or download (a trifle matter of a 295MB zip file, but one that gives you PDF as well as HTML versions of all the doc guides) the doc at

Click the 'View library' link and then click the 'Business Intelligence' tab. There you will see that two new sections have been added:
  • Oracle Application Server Reports Services
  • Oracle Application Server Personalization
One of the more commonly asked for features that now becomes available in phase 2 is the export/import of Discoverer portlets from one Portal instance to another. This is documented in the 'Discoverer Publishing Workbooks in Oracle Application Server Portal' doc in chapter 2, under the section titled 'How to export Discoverer portlets to a transport set'.

And you will see that the version number has changed (as I described, or attempted to describe, in an earlier post).
Where as the current version number was, this new release (Phase 2) is version number

Happy doc reading!
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