Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Creating your first app with the BI Mobile App Designer

While creating sophisticated mobile apps that provide a rich feature set takes time, expectedly, what is wonderful about the recently launched Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile App Designer is the fact that you can be up and running without requiring a week-long training and a Master's degree in Computer Engineering.

Here's a short video I recorded on creating your first app with the BI Mobile App Designer (the direct URL on YouTube). A note of caution, and an apology of sorts - the audio in last few seconds of the video dramatically jumps up in volume. This is because I recorded these last few seconds later, and used different audio settings. I should have normalized it. I live, and I learn.

In fact, Oracle Partner Rittman Mead have introduced a QuickStart for Oracle BI Mobile App Designer package - "a five-day, fixed-price and fixed-scope engagement" - to help customers "deploy line-of-business mobile BI apps for any device, in five days." (Disclaimer: this is neither an endorsement nor a plug. I am  pointing out the availability of this new service from an Oracle Gold Partner).

Have you checked out all the useful BI sessions at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco?

Bangalore, Sep 25 2013