Thursday, July 04, 2013

BI Mobile HD Universal App Released

A new version ( of the Oracle BI Mobile HD App was released to the Apple iTunes App Store on Wednesday. This release has several new features of note. This updated version also fixes some issues that were reported in the update that went out late last week on the 28th of June.

  • All users are recommended to upgrade to this version of the BI Mobile HD app. There were login issues with the iPad version of the earlier app and orientation issues with the iPhone app. Both issues were noticed almost immediately after the app went live on the App Store and development traced these to a problem with the configuration of the app uploaded to the App Store. 
  • Users will notice that this is app now supports the iPhone (and iPod) device also. Therefore users will see this app on their iPhone when they search for it on the App Store. 
  • There is now a demo server available for use with the BI Mobile HD app. This is available on both the smartphone and tablet versions of the app. This server is available on the Internet, so customers do not need to use any proxy or VPN settings to access this server. A connection to the demo server is pre-configured on the BI Mobile HD app, so you can access the server immediately after installing the app on your device. 
  • This version of the app is supported and certified for use with Oracle BI versions (released in July 2012) or higher, including (April 2013) and 
  • If you are using Oracle BI version (or any of the bundle patches for, you must continue to use the existing Oracle BI Mobile app (the latest version if on your iPhone and iPod devices. We do not expect to support Oracle BI versions prior to on the new BI Mobile HD app. 
  • There is a redesigned home page experience on the iPad version of the BI Mobile HD app. 
  • Users can now set their default starting configuration on the iPad version of the app – whether they want to begin with the “Favorites” or "Most Recent" or "Dashboards – from the Settings panel. 
  • A "first-time help" overlay screen is displayed when you launch the app for the first time after installing it. If you need to get back to this screen subsequently, you can do so by selecting the "Show First Time Help" option from the Catalog page. 
  • The iPad version of the app contains a Settings "backstage", an area for you to customize the app and to manage server connection settings. 
  • The minimum iOS version supported on the BI Mobile HD app is iOS 6 and above.

Best wishes!
Bangalore, July 4, 2013