Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Sample App v207 Fixes

There are known bugs, and then there are unknown bugs. In the case of the Sample App update that went out (Oracle Business Intelligence Blog: BI EE SampleApp v207 ( BP1) Available on OTN), there were some unknown bugs that went along with the Sample App. These were unknown at the time, but we are happy to say that these are now known, and even better, have been fixed.

How to get or apply those fixes?
The simplest option would be to download and take a look at the PDF-format document that describes these issues, as well as the fixes. V207 Known Issue Fixes

There are four issues for which fixes are described:
  1. "Dropdown Content Menu"
  2. "Desktop shortcuts for APS and EAS"
  3. "BI Server not starting due to expired password" - for my money, this is the most serious issue, and it is categorized as "1 - Severe". It is severe and serious because this error causes the "BI Server and Presentation Services do not start up. WLS Admin Server throws an error". Yes, that serious. The issue itself is caused because the OID password is set to expire after 120 days. The fix for this requires you to open up a terminal window on your virtual machine image and run a series of commands, that basically set the password to never expire.
  4. "APEX commentary dashboard"
PDF Document describing the known issues and their fixes
The OID password expiry issue is fairly easy to fix. As you can see, I followed the instructions, and it took less than five minutes to enter the commands shown.

Thank you. Take care, and till the next post, goodbye.
Bangalore, Oct 09, 2012