Friday, July 22, 2011

Sample App for Now Available

 The latest version of the Sample App, for Oracle BI 11g, was made available for download from OTN today. As the thousands of people who have downloaded and used the Sample App would know, it is a great way to get introduced to Oracle BI and to see so many of its features in action. It also serves as an excellent tutorial of sorts, since in so many  areas the Sample App makes the fullest use of the product's amazing capabilities. Since some of these features, expectedly, require a person to possess a fair amount of relevant BI and Oracle BI skills, the available examples in the Sample App serve as a useful how-to, thus saving time for the person implementing or using the product.

OBIEE Samples - the landing page for the Sample App on the Oracle Technology Network (aka OTN)
V107 - the latest version of the Sample App, for
Oracle Business Intelligence (11.1.1.x) Downloads
And the links for the Release Notes, Documentation Library, and Certification Information.
The tweets from the Oracle_BIEE Twitter handle:

As a disclaimer, please do take note of the following:
Disclaimer: The SampleApp contents and its code are distributed free for demonstrative purposes only. It is neither maintained nor supported by Oracle as a licensed product.