Monday, October 22, 2007 is now available on OTN

Over the weekend, Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition, v. became available on OTN (that would be the Oracle Technology Network).
You can download the Windows (x86) installable here (1.4GB). Downloads for Linux, HP, Solaris, and IBM are also available - see details at the download page here.
The documentation library is available online here.
And if you care to download the doc library as a zip file for offline viewing, it can be downloaded here (it's a 19MB zip file).

Some of the new features for this release are listed in the "New Features Guide", specifically under the 8 General New Features in Release and 22 New Features in Release chapters. You will now find support for additional languages in BI EE, specifically Arabic, Thai, and Hebrew.

Happy downloading, upgrading, installing.