Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oracle named Technology Partner of the Year by SPSS

This from Bill (William) Nee from the Oracle Database product marketing team:

Last week SPSS held their Directions User Conference in Chicago. During the conference it was announced that Oracle had been named the SPSS "Technology Partner of the Year". The award was given to Oracle for its joint work with SPSS in building integration between SPSS Clementine and Oracle Data Mining.
This integration allows analysts to use the Clementine interface to build, browse and score models in Oracle Database 10g using techniques available with Oracle Data Mining. ODM algorithms, including Naïve Bayes, Adaptive Bayes Network and Support Vector Machines, appear as "nodes" in the Clementine interface. These techniques can then be used just like the other techniques that are native within Clementine.

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