Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oracle Open World and BI

This is a brief post on the different BI sessions at this year's Oracle Open World at San Francisco.

BTW, you can and should use the schedule builder to build a schedule that suits you (link to page on Oracle.com)
  • There is an "Extreme Program" titled "Business Intelligence Data Warehousing: Next-Generation Business Intelligence for Actionable Insight to Everyone in the Enterprise, Part 1 & II." It boasts a glittering array of stars from our BI product management, including Aydin Gencler, Kasturi Shekhar, Kurt Wolff, Dave Granholm, Matt Bedin, Krishnan Viswanathan, Mike Reller, Chad Frank, Dan Hilldale, Jim Sarokin, and others. If you haven't, register for X-Treme (link).
Separately, Ed Suen, Vice-President for BI at Oracle, is presenting two best practices papers:
  1. "Best Practices for Implementing Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition" (session ID S282275).
  2. "Best Practices for Implementing Siebel Business Analytics" (session ID S282028).
Mike Durran is presenting a paper on Discoverer, titled "Oracle Discoverer Future: Protect, Extend, Integrate", session ID: S282295.

As you may have heard, the upcoming release of Oracle Business Intelligence (code named "Maui" - for exotic honeymoon locations) will provide direct access to SAP BW InfoCubes. Alan Lee has a session titled "Get More Value from SAP BW with Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition" (session ID S282279).

Oracle recently that it has acquired the intellectual property assets of Sigma Dynamics (link). Stefan Schmitz has a session "Enabling More-Intelligent and Profitable Customer Interactions, Using Oracle Business Intelligence Real-Time Decisions" (session ID S282062) where you would be able to see the product and the technology in action.

Phil Bates shall be talking about the integration between Oracle BI and Oracle BPEL in a session titled "Using Embedded Business Intelligence Within Operational Applications" (session ID S282277). This integration, btw, is also one of the many new features in the upcoming release of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition suite.