Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More on OpenWorld and BI

To add a few more sessions of interest (in addition to my previous post) in business intelligence:

Paul Rodwick, vice-president of business intelligence product management, has a session titled "Oracle's Business Intelligence Road Map" (session id S282268). While Chris Leone (also a vice-president of product management, but with the applications strategy group) has a session titled "Oracle Analytic Applications Road Map" (session id S281900).

Matt Elumba has a session titled "Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Architectural Overview" (session id S282269).

Specifically to the Maui release (that's the code name for the upcoming release of Oracle BI EE), Dave Granholm has a session titled "What's New in Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition" (session id S282281).

In the area of OLAP there are at least two sessions that people may be interested in. The first one is by Matt Bedin on "Seamless Access to Your Oracle OLAP Cubes" (session id S282273). The second one is by Bud Endress along with the Gallup Organization, titled "Oracle OLAP Option: How the Gallup Organization Turbocharged Reporting and Analysis" (session id S282385).

And there are many more. Just use this link to get a list of all "analytics" related sessions.

What about me, the curious may ask... I shall not be travelling this year to OpenWorld.