Thursday, June 22, 2006

Upcoming BI releases

Got hold of shiphomes being used by QA for testing and installed them on my machine. One is the Oracle BI Standard Edition, which includes Discoverer, Discoverer OLAP, the Spreadsheet Add-In, and more, while the Enterprise Edition includes the Siebel based Analytic Server components like Answers, Dashboard, Delivers, and more. This release also has many, many enhancements that had been in the works from last year. Next month and as we get sooner to the release, I shall start posting on the install and OOTB experience. If there are specific things that people would like to see screenshots of or have me write about do let me know. Also, there is a lot of collateral, demos, white papers that are being prepared, so expect a lot of information to flow your way closer to the release date.

I now have Oracle BI 10g (10.1.2) - infrastructure and middle-tier, the latest shiphomes of BI SE and EE (10.1.3), XML Publisher, an Oracle 10.2 database, a non-Oracle database, and more on the same machine, which also happens to be my work machine. Add to it more than a gig of emails, doc for the app server, tools, and the database, work related docs, Dilbert cartoons (a healthy dose of cyncism is a sine-qua-non), and of course Google Desktop Search (which itself uses up close to 2GB of hard disk space), and I had to uninstall Oracle Database XE because I was starting to run out of disk space - I like to keep at least 6-8GB free. Having 2GB of memory certainly helps though!

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