Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Adding a new user

 Now that I have installed Oracle BI EE 11g, what I like to do is to create a another user with administrative privileges that I then use for my work. In this case, to satisfy a narcissistic urge I use my name as the user name - "abhinav".

To do that, I first need to login to the Administration Console of Oracle BI EE. which on my computer's installation is You would need to use the username and password that you specified when installing Oracle BI EE (see post Installing OBIEE 11g).
Login to the WebLogic Server 11g Console

Once you login, click the link that says "Security Realms"
Click "Security Realms"
And then click the "myrealm" link to view all users, groups, and permissions for that security realm.
Security realms in place

Since we need to add a new user, click the "Users and Groups" tab, and then click the "New" button.
Users and Groups tab
Enter the new user's name, description, and password. Since this is a simple installation, the "Provider" dropdown contains only one value.
Adding a new user - "abhinav"
Now that we have created the user, the next step is to associate this user with groups. Since I said I want this user to have administrative privileges, I click the "Groups" tab.
Navigating to the "Groups" tab for the user created - "abhinav"
And from the "Groups" page, I select the "Administrators" and "BIAdminsitrators" values from the list on the left, and click the right-arrow to move them to the list of selected values. Click "Save" and you are done.
Adding the user "abhinav" to groups
The final step is to verify that this user works as intended. Try logging into your Oracle BI EE instance with these credentials: on my instance.
Verifying by logging into Oracle BI EE using the user "abhinav"