Friday, July 03, 2009

Downloading Discoverer 11g

Go to and accept the license.

Browse down to the section that says "Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer". 
Currently there are downloads available for Windows and Linux:

 As you would expect, this download contains the familiar set of components; I have highlighted in bold the ones that are relevant for Discoverer:

  • HTTP Server
  • WebCache
  • Forms Services
  • Forms Builder
  • Reports Services
  • Report Builder/Compiler
  • Discoverer Administrator
  • Discoverer Plus
  • Discoverer Viewer
  • Discoverer Services
  • Discoverer Desktop
  • Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control
 Now, unlike the previous release of Discoverer, 10g, where you could install the standalone version of Discoverer and be up and running, here you need a few more components in order to be able to install Discoverer, and these need to be installed in a specific order.

  • WebLogic Server
  • Repository Creation Utility
  • Identity Management
  • SSO Metadata Repository Creation Assistant
  • Identity Management 10gR3
  • Oracle Database
WebLogic Server is easy enough to understand: it, or WLS as it is commonly referred to as, is the app server that is front and center in Oracle's middleware suite.
Repository Creation Utility, or RCU as it is sometimes referred to, is used to create your repository on the target database.

SSO Metadata Repository Creation Assistant is optional for Discoverer - if you do not intend configuring Discoverer to run under Single Sign-On, then skip this.

An Oracle Database 11g, Enterprise Edition, is what the last item refers to, and this is where the Discoverer repository is created by the RCU. Similar to the "Infrastructure" database in 10g.

Have fun downloading, and patience too, as these are downloads totaling several gigabytes.

More later.