Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hyperion products now available for download

Firstly, if you want to try out the Hyperion BI products, you can do so by going to and select "Hyperion Performance Management and BI" from the "Product Pack" dropdown. This then results in the following products that are available to download:
  1. Hyperion Performance Management and BI (9.3.x)
  2. Hyperion Performance Management and BI (9.2.x)
  3. Hyperion Enterprise Release (6.4.1)
  4. Hyperion Business Modeling (4.0.5)
  5. Hyperion Application Link (9.x) Media Pack

You can download individual product components where available, a license key, and also the product documentation - which is a good place to begin.

Secondly, to view a brief description of what these products are, at least at the 'platform' level, go to this page on OTN: Oracle Business Intelligence Platform Home. You shall find the following four Hyperion products listed as part of "Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus"
  1. Interactive Reporting : Intuitive and highly interactive ad-hoc reporting
  2. SQR Production Reporting : High volume, presentation-quality formatted report generation
  3. Hyperion Financial Reporting : Formatted, book-quality financial and management reporting
  4. Hyperion Web Analysis : Web-based online analytical processing (OLAP) analysis, presentation, and reporting
Thirdly, the Hyperion products are now also listed on the Oracle price-list. The BI Suite EE has been renamed to BI Suite EE Plus (yeah... three cheers for branding).

Wow... three factoids in one post. I must be on a roll here...