Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Similar sounding names can be confusing

As I remarked in my earlier post, I am no branding expert (gold medal from IIM Bangalore notwithstanding - heh heh... I had to say that), so I cannot comment on why the names for the three editions of Oracle Business Intelligence were chosen the way they are:

Oracle BI Standard Edition One
BI Standard Edition (SE)
BI Suite Enterprise Edition (EE)

Actually, to be fair, I can comment with some insight into these names... These naming conventions are also in use by the Oracle Database and the Oracle Application Server.
The Oracle Database 10g is available in these editions: Standard Edition, Standard Edition One, Edition, and also the free Express Edition.
The Oracle Application Server 10g is available in the following editions (link): Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, Standard Edition One, and Java Edition.

Therefore, goes the thinking, BI should also follow the same convention. Which it does. The BI SE1 bundle is a subset of the BI EE bundle (it is missing Delivers for example), but with some additional products packaged (like the Oracle Database and Oracle Warehouse Builder), and with a lower price entry point. We don't have an 'Enterprise Edition One' bundle in either the Oracle Database or the Oracle Application Server, so to have a BI EE1 name may have confused people, though my **personal** preference would have been to name it so. Yeah, who cares about my opinion, personal or otherwise?

BI Standard Edition is unchanged: Discoverer is an integral part of BI SE, and will continue to do so.

Hope that clarifies...

And while on the subject of BI SE1, here is what the installer screen looks like: a native OUI screen, with some tweaks...

I am trying to find a machine where I can install all of this... I have BI SE 10.1.2 installed on one, BI installed on the same machine and also on my work laptop, so I am pretty much looking at installing this on a VMWare image. If I get to it soon enough I shall do a post, else there are always the tutorials, OBEs, and the doc.