Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Oracle Develop Conference

The Oracle Develop Conference is  coming to

Seoul (May 14-15), Bangalore (May 17-18), Beijing (May 22-23), Munich (June 18-19), Prague (June 21-22), and London (June 26-27). You can get more details at the OTN site at

There are four tracks - "Database Application Development", "Enterprise Java, "SOA—Service-Oriented Architectures", and on ".NET Development".

There is no track or session for business intelligence, in case you were wondering. The target audience is primarily developers, so while I would argue that there are enough 'developer' oriented activities  in BI - modeling, ETL, constructing the semantic layer, data warehouse activities including partitioning, indexing considerations, materialized view construction to get efficient query rewrites, and more - there are no BI related tracks or sessions for this year's Develop conference. I am sure we shall have some next year.

The detailed agenda is available at