Friday, March 31, 2006

Michael's Discoverer Blog is up and running now

I had posted a couple of weeks back that Michael Armstrong-Smith had started a Discoverer blog (link to post, link to Michael's blog). The blog is now fully functional, and with a nice look and feel (LAF in Oracle-speak), Michael has been busy adding lots of very useful posts. Also included are posts related to his latest book, the Oracle Discoverer 10g Handbook, with clarifications (link) and errata (link).

I know I had said I would be posting excerpts from the book, but between a viral infection, a holiday, wife's trouble with a root canal infection and a wisdom tooth, daughter's indigestion, a convocation, and other stuff at work, I haven't had that much time. Hopefully things shall change for the better next month (which is tomorrow!!).

Did I say convocation? Yes!! I am now an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (popularly abbreviated as IIMB) (see more on this blog). And a gold medallist at that (never hurts to do some self-publicity!).