Saturday, February 11, 2006

Blogs dot Oracle dot com - Finally here

I use to keep track of web hits and statistics on this blog, and the number one referring link to this blog today is! Yippee!!
Blogs have finally found their rightful place of importance at Oracle, as I had hoped they would, and as I had posted about a few days back (link to post). Also, an official blogging policy was announced that is short, concise, and common sensical.

So which are some of the other interesting blogs on the site? I haven't gone through all, but here are some you may want to check out:
Oracle Employee Blogs
Sue Harper (Product Manager, Project Raptor)
Tom Kyte (VP,
Brian Duff (Software Engineer, Developer Tools)
Greg Pavlik (Architect, Web Services)
Jonas Jacobi (Product Manager, ADF Faces)

Non Oracle Employee Blogs
I have not gone over most of the blogs listed here, but I one that I do read on a regular basis is Mark Rittman, BI/DW Developer